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Herewith I transfer to Furtwangen University the right to permanently save the full text electronic version of my publication on the HFU university document server. I furthermore transfer to Furtwangen University the right to make the above publication available to the public, the right to technically convert it for long-term storage purposes, provided such conversion is done with proper care and protection of the content. Furthermore I transfer to Furtwangen University the right of notification and transfer of data to a long-term archiving service. I am free to dispose of my work otherwise, provided such disposal does not in any way compromise or interfere with the rights granted to the university.

The author herewith confirms that the publication of their work will not infringe any rights of third parties. In particular, I herewith confirm that I am the sole owner of the exploitation rights under copyright law and that so far no opposing claims have been made. The author takes full responsibility for the work’s content and indemnifies the university from any third party claims which may arise.