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Entwicklung einer internationalen Multichannelstrategie für die Schiesser AG

  • Recently, the behavior of customers is changing significantly. Instead of visiting one specific channel of a company to make a purchase, customers are using several channels of different suppliers before making a final purchase. They are switching between these suppliers constantly with the aim of comparing product details and prices to find the best offer. Customers are combining the advantages of the different channels, offered by different suppliers. However, in order to increase customer loyalty and value, companies have to find a way to bond customers to their brand. A multi-channel strategy is trying to build long term customer relationships and to increase customer loyalty. By integrating the different channels, instead of running each channel individually, companies can create an additional value for customers. The channel integration is initiated by offering multichannel services, which are connecting online and offline channels to merge them together. These services should lead to an increase of customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and create a long-term customer relationship. Schiesser has recognized this trend in customer behavior and the need to implement a multi-channel strategy. Yet, as the distribution channels of Schiesser are not working with common enterprise resource planning systems, information systems and cash register systems, it would be highly expensive and time consuming to create an integrated multi-channel system. The absence of a CRM-System and the resulting lack of information about the customer journey of Schiesser consumers are further serious obstacles in the way of realizing a multi-channel strategy. However, Schiesser faces the alternative of implanting a hybrid multi-channel system, which combines various channels loosely without being based on common systems. Both, the integrated and the hybrid multichannel system are accompanied by advantages and disadvantages for the Schiesser AG. Considering the current situation and the high costs of an integrated multi-channel system, a hybrid multi-channel system appears to be the appropriate choice for Schiesser. This system allows Schiesser to offer services like “Return to Web/Retail”, “Click and Collect”, “Pick up at Retail” and “QR-Code Scans” without investing in common used systems. These services can be offered by adapting internal organizational processes and by training staff in retail stores. This relatively low investment of time and money enables Schiesser to provide a unique selling proposition for their customers, build a relationship and increase customer value. If Schiesser wants to stay competitive, the introduction of a multichannel strategy is essential, as direct competitors like Lascana and Hunkemöller have already implemented multi-channel strategies.

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Author:Juliane King
Advisor:Marc Peter Radke
Document Type:Bachelor Thesis
Year of Completion:2015
Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2015/11/26
Tag:Multichannel; Schiesser AG; Strategie
Degree Program:IBW - Internationale Betriebswirtschaft
Functional area:Marketing